We believe that every single human being is important, is precious, and worthy of love, compassion, and a sense of belonging. Each community member deserves ongoing support and every opportunity to accomplish their personal empowerment goals to their full potential no matter what they have experienced from past trauma, mental and emotional trials, struggles with addictive behavior patterns, or correcting past mistakes.

We are there for you, either in times of crisis, whether you are seeking to get recovery for the first time, transitioning to long-term recovery, seeking help after a relapse, experiencing a difficult life change, or struggling with new mental health transitions, the Café is a place where you can reach out for support and begin to obtain stability. The Recovery Café is a place for everyone that is seeking to make a change by breaking the cycle of destructive behavior and desperation.


To encourage each person, we meet by assisting them to equip themselves though an ever-growing support system of empowering resources, real-time encouragement, and loving compassion driven accountability.  We are a community of people from all walks of life in recovery who have been negatively impacted by traumatic life experiences, events of homelessness, and struggles with addiction and mental health challenges, that are barriers to day to day living. Our community consists of compassionate individuals who truly are heroes in their own personal development of the knowledge that they are loved, are significant, and that they have so many gifts and talents to share.




Breaking the cycles of destruction may feel nearly impossible without the dedicated and continual support driven by recovery, such as the ongoing challenge of keeping a structure of stability in place to battle mental health concerns, foster relationship building, and explore housing support and employment opportunities in the continual efforts of breaking the cycles of destruction.

With this thought at the forefront of our concerns, we developed a beautiful, safety-driven, comforting, drug and alcohol-free space, with a compassionate and loving community to anchor like-minded people in the sustained recovery they need to obtain and continually maintaining access to the resources of housing, social and health services, forming healthy relationships, education and employment opportunities.

Please join us in your journey by allowing us to meet you where you are at by discovering the diverse ways you can get involved in our community of belonging, healing, learning and ongoing support: Learn about how to become a member, our recovery resources and our for provider resources.