Recovery Navigator Program (RNP)

What Does the RNP Do for you

The Recovery Navigator Program provides one-on-one recovery support to individuals that come to the attention of frontline crisis workers including law enforcement, medical professionals, and child welfare staff. Our goal is to intervene with expedited access into the substance use recovery system.

The Recovery Navigator Program will utilize ongoing outreach and encouragement to promote long-term engagement and increase of protective factors for participants.

Through a person-centered, participant-driven decision-making process, we support, encourage, and empower individuals with building a strong foundation in recovery and creating a chance for a healthy and fulfilling life outside the criminal legal system.

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Recovery Navigators (RNs) will:

  • Provide immediate response and engagement to individuals at the referral location.

  • Establish connection and build rapport with the individual.

  • Work together to assess need and determine what services and support can be provided.

  • Develop an individualized plan with participants to support a long-term journey in recovery. 

More about the RNP:

Collaboration with local law enforcement, prosecutors, program staff, medical providers, and community partners is essential to the success of this program.

The RNP will establish a new system of response and care for people who live with unmanaged behavioral health needs, deep experiences of complex trauma, cognitive disabilities, persistent poverty, and often lifelong experiences of punishment, failure, betrayal, and marginalization.

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RCCC is a non-profit and part of a national network of similar Cafés serving men and women who have suffered trauma, homelessness, addiction and/or other mental health challenges. In a Café setting of "Radical Hospitality” members experience belonging, healing, and the joy of contributing to a nurturing community that specifically acknowledges addiction and mental health challenges.