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Employment & Financial Education Resources

Clearview Employment Homeless Employment Navigators

Access: call to inquire 360-750-7012

or 360-993-3000


Services: Career counseling, vocationally related case management, support, job development

Access: by phone 360-69-1923


Location: 6425 NE 4th Plain | C-Tran; 4, 44

Services: Interview training, job readiness, job leads, placement, supported employment, vocational rehabilitation. Ages 16 and over.

Access: by phone 360-690-4496

Location: 1910 W. Fourth Plain Blvd. Ste 400

Services: Foreclosure, debt, credit counseling, mortgage, free tax preparation.

Access: Click the "Getting Started" link on the website

or call 360-207-2628


Location: 120 NE 136th Avenue, Suite 130

Access: by referral 360-696-8417

Location: 3210 NE 52nd Street | C-Tran: 25

Services: Specialized job training and employment services.

Access: by phone 360-253-4036

Services: are for folks in recovery, overcoming

barriers to employment and education

Location: 10201 NE Fourth Plain Blvd

Access: by phone 360-735-5000

Location: 204 SE Stone Mill Drive, suite 215

Services: Job search, resumes, Workshops

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