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Our Work

We believe that every single human being is important, is precious, and worthy of love, compassion, and a sense of belonging.

Recovery Orientated System of Care

At Recovery Cafe Clark County we use the Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC). A ROSC meets people where they are on the recovery continuum, engages them in a lifetime of managing their health, focuses holistically on a person’s needs, and empowers them to build a life that realizes their full potential.


This person-centered system of care supports individuals as they establish a healthy life and recognizes that we all need a meaningful sense of membership and belonging in community.

Traditional methods

Traditionally, a person receives support when they are in crisis and finds that the support is removed once they begin to experience stability.


That model of emergency intervention and abandonment sets one up for a roller-coaster existence which is not only cruel, in that it locks one into a cycle of intense suffering and failure, it is expensive, ineffective, and a waste of human potential.


It is hopeful that many states are embracing a more effective and compassionate system of care.

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