We Welcome You to Join our Healing Community

To be a member, we ask that you be drug and alcohol free for 24-hours, by helping and giving back to the Community by contributing to running the Café, by lending a compassionate heart to the healing of others, and by attending a dedicated Recovery Circle.

Here are the steps to join us:

Once you have been assigned to and attend a Recovery Circle, you are kindly encouraged you to take part in all the Café and School for Recovery activities.

At Recovery Cafe. . . You matter and are loved. Every human being is precious!

We believe that every single human being is important, is precious, and worthy of love, compassion, and a sense of belonging. Each community member deserves ongoing support and every opportunity to accomplish their personal empowerment goals to their full potential no matter what they have experienced from past trauma, mental and emotional trials, struggles with addictive behavior patterns, or correcting past mistakes.

We are there for you, either in times of crisis, whether you are seeking to get recovery for the first time, transitioning to long-term recovery, seeking help after a relapse, experiencing a difficult life change, or struggling with new mental health transitions, the Café is a place where you can reach out for support and begin to obtain stability. The Recovery Café is a place for everyone that is seeking to make a change by breaking the cycle of destructive behavior and desperation.

Membership requirements are simple:

Recovery Café Clark County's Guiding Principles are:


Connect with divine Love in ourselves and others


Cultivate Compassion


Encourage growth


Show Respect


Practice forgiveness


            Give Back

Membership Benefits:

Membership at Recovery Café Clark County is a perfect opportunity to finding stability to match your day to day life challenges, no matter the development of your journey. Here at Recovery Café Clark County there are a variety of great tools and helps that Members can access while they are active at Recovery Café including:



Currently all members receive a gratitude bag on Wednesdays and Fridays until further notice.


Resources Offered

Resources offered from the School for Recovery classes that touch on a variety of different topics including relapse prevention, building healthy relationships, skill building, art skills such as painting and writing, and yoga exercise and meditation classes, as well as a variety of other ongoing classes.


Supportive Community

A supportive, healing, and compassionate Community of people in recovery from homelessness, addiction, trauma, and other mental health challenges.

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Recovery Circle

A Recovery Circle in which you experience validation, understanding and the act of being loved.


Support the Facility

Opportunities to help support the Facility and take part in the ongoing healing work of this Community.


Referral Help

Referral help to access other community-based services as needed