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World of Change Series

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We have a very special group of people who have jumped onboard to help the Recovery Café on their goals of a clean, happy, and healthy life style.

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We welcome to the Café Steven Suarez, who is our newest addition to our TRS (Telephone Recovery Support) team. Benjamin Biasella, who is our newest edition to maintenance and facilities team.

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Unfortunately, last month we had to cancel Family Fun Night due to the acceleration of the new COVID strain, and the inclement weather we were experiencing. But Family Fun Night is back!

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We are a membership Café, but we love for you to bring your guests. Currently, we allow 4 guests per day. Please call the Café to get your guest on the list or your guest may need to come back later. 

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One of the most popular events at the Café has been Family Fun Night. The festivities began in 2019. Today, we celebrate it on the last Friday night of each month.

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There is a saying in recovery circles that “a grateful addict will never use,” and if any holiday is tailor-made for gratitude, it’s Thanksgiving.

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A saying you'll hear often around the Café is, "the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection."

Community Resources

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Thrive2Survive is a monthly event put on by the Café that has been very successful in bringing resources and essentials to our houseless community.

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The word is out, the Recovery Café is the place to be for connection! When you come to the Café you might notice that the sitting area/living room is back on the main floor.

July 2021 Newsletter

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So far, this summer has been HOT HOT HOT! That is why at this month’s THRIVE2SURVIVE event we will have water fun! THRIVE2SURVIVE will be on July11th at 11am.

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Summer is finally here and so is the fun! The Recovery Café had to postpone our famous Family Fun night last month due to Covid but we are back on for this month. 

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While the world is in continuous change, one thing you CAN expect, is the Recovery Café of Clark County to be here when you need us