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Two Vancouver recovery centers want sobriety to have its fun moments

About a dozen people are gathered inside Recovery Cafe Clark County in Vancouver, eating sandwiches and chips and playing darts.

There’s a small putting green rolled out on the floor. Conversation flows, and then William O’Connor, 51, steps to the microphone. He looks to his friend Charles Hanset, who’s playing darts.

“Hey Charles, this is your song, OK buddy,” O’Connor jokes. O’Connor is not shy of the spotlight, so he takes another second to make sure people know he’s about to sing.

“Can everybody hear me in the back? Can you guys hear me in the balcony?” he asks the small group congregating in the small room without a balcony. With a few eyes settled on him, O’Connor unleashes an energetic cover of Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).” Read more of this Article Here>>

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