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Recovery Cafe Clark County provides a safe haven

Thank you Columbian for all of your support !!!!!!

Laughter rang from the dining room at Recovery Cafe Clark County in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon.

A couple dozen people gathered at tables at the Fourth Plain Boulevard gathering spot, digging in to plates of macaroni, salad and dessert. The vibe and good feelings resemble a college dorm, and that’s the typical scene for the cafe during the lunch hour five days a week.

While the menu varies by the day, it’s always something that “will stick to your ribs,” said Larry Worthington, the executive director for Recovery Cafe Clark County.

Like the lunchtime grub, Recovery Cafe’s aim is simple, but hearty.

The cafe specializes in helping people with recovery, with as few barriers as possible to access. Membership has three requirements: they must be sober for 24 hours; they must attend one recovery circle (a small support circle) each week and they must give back to the cafe community in some way, helping with chores or being a greeter.

“We work with a pretty marginalized population, and our goal here is to treat everyone with radical hospitality,” Worthington said. “The Recovery Cafe is set up to be a support system for anybody in recovery.” See article here>>

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