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Welcome Our Newest Recovery Staff!

The Cafe would like to share with you all some exciting news! We have been honored to add to our pretty amazing staff two more AMAZING people!

The first one you may already now if you have been coming to the Cafe for some time. We would like to say welcome to Jackie! She has been volunteering for sometime now and helping us out tremendously! She will be helping mainly Rick out in the kitchen but don’t be surprised if she shows up doing other stuff!

The second one may be no stranger to some of you also! You might be saying to yourself“He looks like the guy that taught my recovery coach class?” And you would be right…But boy has he done so much MORE!! We would like to introduce to you our Executive Director VINCE COLLINS!! We will be posting some “Get to know your staff better” here pretty soon and have so much More to tell you about both of these AMAZING people! Here are the face to the names and if you see them just say “Hi” and get to know them!

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