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Equity & Social Justice

Racial Equity Through Action and Learning. This virtual summit aims to build capacities to advance racial equity and justice.

Trauma & Resilience

Weitzman ECHO Childhood Trauma in the COVID-19 Era will work on what we know about trauma and its impact on youth, families, schools, and providers and assist participants with putting plans into motion using today’s resources.

We Connect Recovery

We Connect Recovery Meeting Resources

From mental health to substance us, we're here for you. Some of the resources are:

  • Mental Health, quality of life, substance use disorder recovery

  • 8+ daily online meetings, open to anyone seeking community support

  • App features to help you with daily routines & tracking overall progress

Learn more about the free app here<<<

Computer | Phone | Internet Services

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone

Crisis | Hotline Services

In a physical safety emergency, dial 9-1-1. For non emergencies, dial 3-1-1.


Food Assistance

Food Assistance

Job Interview

Employment & Financial Education Resources





The Lord's Gym Vancouver

The primary purpose is to provide a safe environment for our community. Socially, physically �, emotionally and restore the family. Also offers Individual fitness weight & Cardio room, group fitness classes, Youth programs, 12 step meetings & more...

Restored & Revived

The R&R passion is to provide services to families who have been held captive in chains of addiction and incarceration. R&R exist with the intention to help break those chains by providing practical resources to restore and revive each person and give them back to their families and communities.

Reviewing Paperworks

Assistance with Rent & Utility Payments