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Join the Heartbeat of Hope:
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Your $10 a Month Can Change Lives!

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Small Gifts, Big Impact

What is the Heartbeat of Hope?

At Recovery Café, we envision a community where everyone impacted by addiction finds the hope, help, and healing they need. The Heartbeat of Hope is a movement that aims to unite 5000 compassionate souls, each committing to contribute just $10 a month.

Our goal? To create a resounding heartbeat of hope, pulsing through the lives of individuals on their journey to recovery.

How Can You Make a Difference?

  • Join the Movement: Commit to contributing $10 a month and become an essential part of our community's heartbeat.

  • Spread the Word: Share this campaign with your network. Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to be part of this transformative movement.

  • Share Your Story: If you've been touched by the work we do, share your story with us. Your narrative can inspire and ignite the compassion in others.

  • Advocate for Recovery: Use your voice to raise awareness about recovery, mental health, and the importance of supporting organizations like ours.

The Impact of Your Contribution:

  • Community Unity: Your $10 a month helps sustain crucial programs that aid recovery, peer support groups, access to healthy meals and snacks, and more.

  • With enough support: We could offer more evening meals and a space for youth in the future.

  • Tangible Change: Every donation contributes to a brighter, healthier future for individuals in need of a helping hand.

  • Lives Transformed: Be part of a movement that's transforming lives and creating lasting change within our community.

Ready to Be the Heartbeat of Hope?

Join us in this incredible journey. Pledge your $10 a month and be part of a community that stands against the struggles of addiction and mental health.

Pledge Your Support Now

Let's Create a Symphony of Hope!

Together, we can create a symphony where every beat is a step towards recovery and every dollar a catalyst for change. Join us and be the heartbeat of hope!

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Let’s Work Together

Recovery Cafe of Clark County

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