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Triage center bridges mental health treatment in Clark County

Clark County will see a boost to its mental health care offerings Monday when local nonprofit Lifeline Connections opens a crisis triage and stabilization program at its Crisis Wellness Center in west Vancouver.

Kara Seibert, Lifeline’s program director for crisis stabilization services, said the center’s mission is to divert people in a mental health crisis away from emergency rooms and incarceration. “The emergency department is not the best place for someone who is experiencing a behavioral health crisis, nor is jail,” Seibert said. “This is a space where people can receive treatment, build resilience to future crises and transition back to the community.”

Major funding for the program was provided by the state Department of Commerce, state Department of Social and Health Services, state Health Care Authority, Beacon Health Options and Clark County, according to a Lifeline press release. In-kind support was provided by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.

The program’s triage component has room to help eight people for up to 23 hours. Lifeline CEO Jared Sanford said patients can be moved from triage to stabilization or start in the stabilization unit, which offers 16 beds for five- to seven-day stays. Click here to follow the article

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