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Supportive Employment & what that means to you

What is Supportive Employment

Employment Specialist makes employer contacts aimed at making a good job match based on clients' preferences (relating to what each person enjoys and their personal goals) and needs (including experience, ability, symptomatology, health, etc.,) rather than the job market ( i.e., those jobs that are readily available). An Individualized job search plan is developed and updated with information from the vocational assessment/profile form and new job/educational experience.

Addressing Barriers to Employment

Targeting barrier for employment and tailoring them to something that can be obtained.

  • Competitve Work: Promotes competitive work through multiple strategies

  • Work Planning: All Clients are helped in obtaining comprehensive, individualized work planning before starting a new job and assistance assessing work planning thereafter when making decision about changes in work hours and pay

  • Team Support: Assistance with Supported Employment implementation and Sustainability.

  • Our Clients: People in recovery, that is both in our community and Members of our Recovery Café or Clark County.

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