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Community Highlights: by Nonprofit Network

Recovery Café Clark County (RCCC) works with individuals struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, substance abuse, and homelessness. Members are expected to follow the rules of the café and remain accountable. In return, these members are welcomed into a nurturing, helpful community. RCCC works to achieve “unconditional hospitality” in their space that is conducive to relationship building and unity.

From women’s groups to book clubs, people from across the community utilize the cafe space to connect to one another in a supportive and welcoming environment. The physical space of the cafe is just one way RCCC serves as a resource of resources; the staff and mentors strive to make an abundance of resources available for vulnerable populations, including wifi, computers, answers to questions, food, support, knowledge, etc. Rather than taking a passive approach, the Recovery Cafe staff looks for excuses to help people. They will continue making every effort to keep the café doors open, as they have throughout the pandemic thus far.

As one of the initial members of the recovery coalition, Recovery Café Clark County strives to reach out to other Recovery Cafes around the country and to serve as a leader in the recovery movement. We are proud to have one of the strongest recovery systems in the nation, so keep up the good work, Recovery Café Clark County!

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