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"Remember your WHY today. We don’t get burned out because of what we do. We get burned out because we forget why we do it. You’re here to make a difference and you can, right where you are." - Rock Christopher

Thoughts for Thanksgiving

There is a saying in recovery circles that “a grateful addict will never use,” and if any holiday is tailor-made for gratitude, it’s Thanksgiving. If there’s one thing that recovery teaches us is that it’s the emphasis on spirituality over materialism that is the greatest reward. Many in the recovery community, especially during the holidays, suffer from grief, stress, loneliness, and isolation, all resulting in relapse triggers. Thankfully, there is one sure way to overcome these challenges: Giving and Helping. Just one act of kindness can give an enormous sense of love and accomplishment. During the holidays, lend a helping hand to a neighbor, especially those that live alone and are not likely to ask for help; spend time with a child in need – one that may not have family support and simply just needs someone to be there and show that they care. Spend time with family, friends, and your support group and let them know you're there if they need help. Let us make this Thanksgiving a memorable one. Let us celebrate this day with the people who mean the most to us and give thanks to all that we have, but most of all, all that we have to give. Supporting each other, every day.

Thrive 2 Survive

Chares Hanset started Thrive2Survive with the mission to bring hot food, resources, and essentials to the houseless community, but most importantly, Connection. Today, Thrive2Survive has become a part of the Recovery Café and is continuing to collaborate with community partners to bring more resources to the people by removing as many barriers as possible. We have connected with the Southwest Humane Society to bring a free mobile pet clinic to our event, which provides exams, vaccines, and microchipping onsite. At the November event, we will be serving a full Thanksgiving dinner alongside a free mobile dentist, providing emergency dental services, extractions, and restorative services. Also, Barber2Go will be giving free haircuts, Safeway Pharmacy will be providing flu vaccines, 


Medical Teams International will be there with all three Covid vaccines, and numerous different community agencies will be on-site. The DOL (Department of Licensing) will be present, answering any questions regarding an identification card or a driver's license. They will have forms available and will also be working hand-in-hand with local DOL offices to get attendees in-office appointments the following week, since the event is on a Sunday. As we know, a lack of identification is a barrier for many people to gain employment, housing, or even government assistance.


Our mission with Thrive2Survive is to work with our community and government agencies to remove as many barriers as possible to encourage recovery, rehabilitation, reunification, and connection within our community. We are currently asking for donations of:


  • Tents

  • Tarps

  • Bungy cords

  • Reading glasses

  • Wound care supplies

  • Sleeping bags

  • Men's winter jackets

  • Hygiene supplies/feminine products

  • Rain gear

  • Tennis shoes/boots

  • Duffle bags with wheels

We will be having three planning meetings prior to the event. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about how you can help, please attend one of these meetings: All meetings will be at the Recovery Café of Clark County, 3312 Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661.

  • Oct. 27th @ 4pm

  • Nov. 3rd @ 4pm

  • Nov. 10th @ 4pm

Extended Hours for the Café!!

So last month, I was asked about the growth of the Café and if we thought it was a need. As I look at the lunch crowd today and see all of the connections going on, it is a definite YES! When we first re-opened and began providing lunches in person again, we extended our lunch hour from one hour to two hours in the hopes of spreading the people out and not having so many members/guests in at one time, which worked…for a bit. We love our members that have been with us for some time and we also love the new people walking through the door for the very first time. So how can we keep the radical hospitality going when so many people in the community want to get involved? That’s why the Café has decided to extend it's hours. We were open from 11am-3:30pm, but starting on November 1st, we will be open Monday, 3pm-7pm for family support classes (kids 17 and under are allowed) and Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-7pm (kids not allowed). The kitchen will still be putting out their amazing lunch as always, but will be adding a light dinner. The dinner will be served from 5pm-6pm and don’t worry, we’ll still have our AMAZING salad bar available for dinner as well. I was able to get a sneak peek of the menu for dinner and saw some sloppy joes, spaghetti, and even some homemade pizza! We will be closing the Café on Thursday the 25th for Thanksgiving, but some of the staff and members will be down at River City Church to help them serve the community with a fabulous Thanksgiving meal! We will be back on Friday the 26th to have our 'Family Fun Night' and maybe even have Rick’s famous Turkey Casserole. The Café is excited to let our members and the community know that, with these extended hours, it means more possibilities for volunteering!


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Why "Circles' are so Important

Our Support Circles are the heart of the Café. It’s a small group of people in recovery who get together once a week and check in with each other, offering support and loving accountability. Sometimes our Circles are filled with laughter and sometimes with sorrow, as we follow our members reaching their goals and experiences each week. The easiest route to recovery is ‘connection.’ No one should have to do their recovery alone, so our Circles are a must here at the Café.



Telephone Recovery Support (TRS)

CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) has been providing telephone recovery support calls to individuals seeking or in recovery from alcohol or other addictions since 2005. TRS (Telephone Recovery Support) is a peer-to-peer support service that offers support, weekly check-in calls, encouragement, and information about resources that may help maintain their recovery. Sometimes just a call can make someone feel wanted, cared about, and included. We share in joys, sorrow, and accomplishments. We meet them where they’re at in their recovery. When someone is struggling, that’s when he or she needs extra support. We are an encouraging voice that could be critical to one’s recovery. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.

Support Group Session

"Bundle Up!"

When the first frost hits, first snow, or first winter storm arrives, be prepared. You can avoid a tremendous hardship by making sure you have a warm, heavy coat, sweaters, thick socks, gloves, hats, and most importantly, heavy shoes or boots. Some of these items become scarce as we enter the most challenging months of the year. If you have children, make sure they are completely ‘bundled up’ from top to bottom! If you are facing houselessness, finding safety, comfort, and protection ahead of time for you and your family will make a big difference in facing winter hardships. The following locations are open to help keep your family ‘BUNDLED UP’! And the best part is that they're FREE!


  • The Giving Closet: (360) 993-4800 (Vancouver)

  • Living Hope, Live Love Center: (360) 944-3905 (Vancouver)

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors: (360) 887-3554 (Ridgefield)

  • Woodland Action Center: (360) 225-9998 (Woodland)

  • Meadowglade Adventist Church Comm. Services: (360) 687-2265 (Battleground)

  • St. Vincent de Paul: 

    • (360) 694-5388 (Vancouver)

    • (360) 834-2126 (x251) (Camas)

    • (360) 573-7199 (Orchards/Brush Prairie)​

  • ​The Salvation Army:

    • (360) 448-2890 (Vancouver)

    • (360) 835-3171 (Camas/Washougal)​


Director's Note for November


As we head into winter, exciting changes are happening at the Recovery Café. Two big changes are expanded hours and expanded services. Beginning November 1st, the café will now be open nine hours a day, Tuesday through Saturday. This will allow us to serve more people and support them with more convenient hours. Lunch and dinner will also be provided. With this growth, we need your continued support by volunteering.

Another major change is our new role as Recovery Navigators for the three county area of Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat. Our staff will be supporting law enforcement and crisis responders in working with persons struggling with substance misuse. We will use our recovery coaches to reach out to identified individuals to encourage them to seek changes in their substance abuse that will help them avoid future crises. This will include a full range of options from detox to harm reduction.


This is an exciting change but a change that requires the Café organization to grow. So you will see some of that growth when you visit the Café. One major change is the hiring of Tracey Jennings as the new Recovery Café Operations Director. Please join me in welcoming Tracey to our Café community and give her your support as the Café continues to provide hope and opportunity to Southwest Washington for those seeking recovery!

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