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Community Tree Lighting: Downtown Vancouver, Washington

“The road to Recovery will not always be easy, but I will take it one day at a time, focusing on the moments I’ve dreamed about for so long.” — Amanda Lindhout

In the Spring

One of the most popular events at the Café has been Family Fun Night. The festivities began in 2019. Today, we celebrate it on the last Friday night of each month. There are fun things to do for everyone, kids, and adults alike. Along with nerf guns, checkers/chess, darts, we then top it off with karaoke, featuring our talented and our ‘somewhat talented’ singers. Of course, we throw in all the fixins’ to boot! Nothing but beautiful smiles and hearty laughter can be heard. We always count on a huge turnout! Our last Family Fun Night of the year will be on Friday, Dec. 31st. The Café has been expanding the many opportunities where our members can become involved. We are so excited to offer classes such as yoga, writing, art projects, crochet, meditation (which is open to the entire community), and more. We also invite you to the ‘Walking for Recovery’ group, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.

In the Summer

Unfortunately, COVID continues to plague our community. While the Café has been encouraging our members to get vaccinated, we also provided incentives as well. COVID has prevented many of our members from staying connected with other members, family, and friends. The Café did not close this year, but instead, we provided hybrid Circles, offering our members the option of attending in person or attending via Zoom. One of our largest events of the year is THRIVE2SURVIVE. This was originally created by Charles Hanset, our Community Resource and Outreach Manager. This past summer, the Café began hosting this event and is now being held on the 3rd weekend of every 3rd month. He spent much time in creating an event that reaches out to the community. Our goal at THRIVE2SURVIVE is to provide resources and connections by partnering with many services from local businesses. We partnered with free mobile dental exams, free pet exams including vaccinations and microchipping, haircuts, and too many other services to list. We can’t thank Charles enough for sharing his ‘brainchild’ Summer Volunteer Program. The Café also supports the program in their effort to provide houseless care kits, including items such as first aid kits, blankets, hygiene products, winter jackets, sleeping bags, etc.


In the Fall

Starting November 1st, we began opening our doors Tuesday through Saturday 10a-7p, and adding dinner, too! On Mondays, we’ll have one-onone coaches available by appointment only. Just a reminder, members are asked to call in advance if they would like to bring a guest to the Café.



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Waterfront Boardwalk, Vancouver, Washington


Fall Hiking near Vancouver, Washington

Regulations for Medicaid services….SB5328 did not pass and is a reload from 2021 session into, the 2022 session which would allow Recovery Cafes and all peer-run organizations to bill Medicaid services. This would identify changes to operational rules for providing Medicaid services within clubhouses and peer-run organizations, including, but not limited to day support services. This would allow these entities to be provided with fidelity to evidence-based models while maintaining their essential character as clubhouses and peer-run organizations.

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The introduction of the new TRS Program has been very successful. The program provides telephone support for those who are having difficulty coming to the Café, but are in desperate need of developing a one-on-one relationship with ‘someone who cares.’


We reach out by calling them on a regular basis to make sure they’re doing ok and working with them through their challenges. On Monday, November 1st, we partnered with the Washington State Health Authority and West Van for Youth in offering the ‘Guiding Good Choices’ program.


This is a 5-part workshop for parents of children that focuses on subjects such as: How to promote well-being for teens; How to manage conflict; Strengthening family bonds; and How to promote well-being for teens.


For more information, registration, dates, and times, call Gloria Dominguez at (360) 314-6452 or email gloriasmemories@comcast.net.

Jodene Stonebarger, Telephone Recovery Support

Every winter, the Café partners with Lifeline in their ‘Reach to the Homeless’ program. We partner with them to provide items such as socks, handwarmers and other needed assistance. Through our partnership with the Clark County Food Bank, we will be distributing over 200 lunches in collaboration with their "Reach to the Homeless" program. The Café is looking for ‘eager to help’ members and volunteers for the December 11th event. If you’re interested in one these, please sign up at the front desk. The Recovery Navigator Program is a new program that offers one-on-one recovery support to individuals that come into the attention of frontline crisis workers including law enforcement, medical professionals, and child welfare staff. Our goal is to intervene with expedited access to the substance use recovery system. On Sunday, Dec. 19th and Monday, Dec. 20th, from 9a-5p, the Café is offering another CCAR class. If you’re interested, please contact Mariah Patterson at mpatterson@recoverycafecc.org.


On August 25th, the Recovery Café celebrated its 3rd Anniversary! It was an important milestone since it marked 3 years of hard work, patience, and self-gratification for all that was accomplished. The staff and members stood up to the microphone and, one by one, shared how being at the Café has impacted their lives and nurtured their recovery. Tears were shed to say the least. We are proud of all that has been accomplished and the difference it has made in the community we serve.

In the Winter



We saw leaps and bounds at the Café in 2021, offering fun, food, and companionship. We’re growing exponentially in aiding and connecting those experiencing addiction, houselessness, and mental health issues to more resources than ever to assist them in their road to recovery. Our staff is friendly, sympathetic, and available to connect with anyone who walks through our doors. We’re ready to enjoy great meals with other members (and guests) who share a commonality in their path to recovery and stability. Our Café has been such a huge success that other new Café locations are springing up in different communities such as Longview and Battle Ground. Although these are being built by different community members, our Clark County Café model is a great resource to those wanting to see what a Recovery Café looks like. We hope to open one in the future in East Clark County. We are very proud of the great progress that has been made in reaching out and connecting people to the resources that will help make a difference. Our Café is so excited about the future and are already working on new events and programs to come in 2022!



Dear Friends of Recovery Café of Clark County, I am excited to announce that I have joined The Recovery Café of Clark County as the new Café Operations Director. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been involved with the Café since the very beginning. I helped with painting, flooring, and whatever else needed to get done to get our wheels off the ground! I also have the honor to sit on the Board of Directors and help make decisions behind the scenes. I could see and feel the love and respect that everyone at The Café had for each other and for those they served. It is exactly what the definition of community is, and I wanted to be a part of it. I have worked and been an active member in the recovery community in Clark County for over 20 years. I feel this is my home and my place to give back by sharing hope. I am a person in long term recovery, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a friend. We have all watched the Café grow at a very fast pace and my goal is to support our members and our staff by being available, present, and motivated to continue leading our Café community with love. Gratefully, Tracey Jennings.