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We believe in meeting you where you are



To support recovery by empowering people through an ever-growing community of resources, real-time encouragement, and loving, compassion-driven accountability.

We are a community of people from all walks of life in recovery who have been impacted by events of homelessness, struggles with addiction and mental health challenges that are barriers to day to day living. Our community consists of compassionate individuals who truly are conquerors in the development of the knowledge that they are loved and that they have so many gifts and talents to share.

Acting as a catalyst, Clark County’s “Access to Recovery” was instrumental in the creation of the Southwest Washington Recovery Coalition (SWWARC). Recovery Café Clark County (RCCC) began as vision when a small group of individuals from that newly formed coalition was invited to tour the Recovery Café Network’s flagship café in Seattle.

This group of SWWARC members spent the next several years in consultation, preparation, and planning. As a result, in October 2017, RCCC became an EMERGING MEMBERS of the Recovery Café Network. As an EMERGING MEMBERS and modeling that Seattle flagship café, Recovery Café Clark County uses many techniques designed to engage the individual in an intentional, goal driven manner, thus providing vital recovery capital for sustained recovery. Recovery Café Clark County’s main function is to prevent relapse by increasing recovery capital via a healing community in a Café setting.


Recovery Café Clark County was founded on the knowledge as well as the value principles that every individual is precious and valued no matter the circumstances of their past trauma, mental and emotional anguish, addictive behaviors, or mistakes made.

We provide a beautiful, safe, warm, drug and alcohol-free space with a loving community to anchor Members (our most closely-supported consumers) in the sustained recovery needed to gain and maintain access to housing, social and health services, healthy relationships, education, and employment.


Our program is designed to help people support recovery, reduce relapse, and fulfill their potential. Important elements of this work include:


A healing environment with free, nutritious meals, coffee, tea and lattes, personal celebrations, special events, access to a computer lab, daily encouragement, and community.


Small, accountability groups called Recovery Circles which offer peer-to-peer support. They are facilitated by a staff person, trained community volunteer, or a long-term Member.


Volunteer opportunities allow Members to learn the rewards of giving back, improve communication abilities, develop leadership skills, and learn to interact effectively and productively with staff, other Members, and outside volunteers who spend time at the Café sharing their gifts.


Education through the School for Recovery, a school available to members and volunteers featuring classes that address the underlying causes of addiction, teaches coping skills, develop knowledge, and build recovery capital.


We partner with a wide network of service providers to help members gain and maintain housing, healthcare, mental health services, legal assistance, and a base of support.

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